Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy

Golf buggy expert David Schultink looks at the features and benefits of the very affordable brand new Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy.

Hillbilly Lithium Buggy

Let nothing slow you down when you’re going on a relaxed golf trip or even a high-stakes competitive golfing tournament. Whatever the golfing occasion, the affordable Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy helps you tackle any golf course with efficiency, finesse, and convenience.

Look at some of these stellar benefits you get when you opt for the brand-new Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy over any other.

Lightweight Design

Lugging around your golf equipment shouldn’t interfere with your energy levels, enjoying the day, or putting strain on your body. Similarly, a golf buggy shouldn’t be a struggle to get around, either.

The Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy weighs only 8.20kg without the battery, so transporting it is a breeze. Simply click in the battery when you’re ready to start golfing! Despite this light weight, it doesn’t compromise its ability to manoeuvre golf courses.

Not only that, but the ability to fold this lithium golf buggy makes it truly admirable. Simply fold it up for a compact storage solution when not in use, and voila! It’s out of sight, out of mind until the next golf trip. This also makes it a no-brainer when putting it into the boot of your car.

Simply Modern

Simple is best when it comes to focusing on your passion. The simplicity of this lithium golf buggy with its sleek, stylishly modern design adds to its ease of use.

There are no frustrating wires or time-consuming connectors, so you can get on with golfing without even the slightest delay. Within seconds, you can go from the house to the golf course and get set up for the day ahead.

Handy Finishes

Sure, it’s lightweight, but it’s also the little finishes that count. The ergonomic T-bar style handle is soft to the touch and feels comfortable to use with its smooth control. That means if you are on the golf course all day, you won’t be sacrificing your talented golfing hands with simple transporting tasks.

An adjustable bag holder keeps your golf bag secure during movement, which is suitable for all types of golf bags. Finally, the easy-to-use speed control allows you to concentrate more on your golf game and less on the buggy.

Affordable & Efficient

At just $995, the Hillbilly Lithium Golf Buggy isn’t merely a dream anymore. Don’t let the price fool you, either – this golf buggy comes with a powerful yet quiet 200-watt motor, a tough aluminium frame, an efficient plug-n-play battery, and treaded tyres for that must-have premium experience. The price also includes the lithium battery and charger.

Altogether, this is a well-constructed, innovative, and great value for money golf buggy.

Whether you have just started playing golf or you’re a passionate pro, this golf buggy gets the job done without any hassle or breaking the wallet.

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*David Schultink is from Hillside Buggies – Hillside offer high-quality electric golf buggies, golf accessories, and lithium batteries at reasonable prices, suitable for beginners or pros. Australia-wide shipping.

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