Specialist “zero bend” products to keep older golfers on course and pain free

IT CAN BE devastating for older golfers when they increasingly begin to realise that while the mind is often keen the body just doesn’t want to play ball.

For many it is not the actual process of swinging a golf club that is the issue, it is the constantly required peripheral acts such as bending down to tee up balls and bending over to pick up golf tees and retrieve golf balls.

The constant bending can cause needless injury, put serious strain on the body and – even worse – be adversely affecting your scores!

One Australian company, Golf Stuff Australia, has set its sights on sourcing innovative products that will help older golfers keep on playing and enjoying the game they love.


Golf Stuff’s most popular product for senior golfers at present is the Tee-Up Foldaway, a reliable and easy to use golfing aid with a patented stabiliser system that is already assisting thousands of senior golfers worldwide. If it’s hurting to bend, the Tee-Up can get you back on course.

Watch this video to see the Tee-Up Foldaway in action.


The Easy-T

Another golfing aid option from Golf Stuff Australia is the Easy-T, which is fast and easy to use and is maybe ideal for senior golfers who have some bending capability but want to protect a troublesome knee.

The Easy-T allows you to tee-up and pick up balls without that last bit of a full bend that is often the real problem with knee issues.


Golf Stuff Australia has a number of other golfing aid products including:

Premium Ball & Marker Pickup

(With Magnetic Hat-Clip and 28mm Ball Marker)

The Multi-functional answer to Less Bending on the Green

This unique and removable cup design allows for easy ball and marker pickup from both the green and the hole and enables your putter to be placed back in your golf bag as usual.

Really effective in reducing the number of times you bend, thus taking pain and strain out of your game.

The Raptor Retriever

Recover Golf Balls Fast.

The Handy Must Have for Every Golf Bag – Just when you need it.

  • Fast, Easy and Handy. Useful for any golfer
  • Retrieve balls in seconds with easy grab technology
  • Use on the Green, from ditches and many other hard to reach places
  • Attaches to end of golf club for extended reach
  • Doubles up as a pitchmark repair tool


For more details and product orders visit the GOLF STUFF AUSTRALIA website

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