The updated Mileseey PF210S Laser Rangefinder has high-end features at a budget price: Get ASG Special Discount

THE Mileseey brand is becoming known for its great value golf laser rangefinders and the new MILESEEY PF210S model continues the trend with some high-end features at a budget price.

The Mileseey PF210S Laser Rangerfinder has a number of features normally associated with much more expensive golfing rangefinders and is definitely worth a look if you are considering purchasing in this product area.

One of the main highlights of this model is its Enhanced Flag Lock and Vibration Feature which not only helps you zoom in to the flag you are approaching but gives physical feedback when you are locked on. You might not need this feature if you have hands as steady as a neurosurgeon but for the rest of us it is nice to know we are locked on to our target and can be confident of the distance we face.


For even more accuracy, MILESEEY golf range finder with golf slope compensation automatically calculates the uphill or downhill distance and displays the result along with the distance to pin, so that you can select the right club and hit the ball with confidence.


Slope On/Off Switch



Importantly, to make the Mileseey PF210S current golf rules complaint in any official tournament or competition there is a simple Slope On/Off switch.

Of course, the Slope feature is okay to use in any social or practice rounds. 



Ergonomic Design and Lightweight

The unit’s ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easy to hold and operate. The comfort level for golfers is further enhanced with the outer covering wrapped with a soft non-slip material( ABS+PP).
The unit is smaller and lighter than other rangefinders; the compact design and pocket-size(110*65*38mm), Lightweight (168g) features aid precision and control.


It’s much easier to install and exchange the battery than in many other units. Just push the cover open and slip the provided battery inside.

CR2 3V lithium battery is included. It can use at least 3000 times plus and automatically powers off after 8 seconds.



Premium Durable Zipper Pouch with extra hook

Comes with a durable premium hardshell carry pouch with soft lining easy access zipper. The pouch protects the rangefinder unit if impacted or dropped. Easy to carry, with the enclosed strap and metal clip to hang on a golf bag. Includes belt strap if you want to carry your range finder without your golf bag.


  • Superior accuracy to ±0.28 meter within 180 meters, the manufacturer claims only Mileseey rangefinders can meet this high accuracy on the market
  • Accurate to ± 0.5 meter from 180-600 meters
  • Measures in Meter or Yards
  • Multiple modes (flagpole scanning mode, golf slope adjusted, speed measurement)
  • Lightweight & Compact size (can fit in pocket): pocket-size(110*65*38mm), Lightweight (164g)?much smaller and lighter than other rangefinders
  • Long-lasting CR2 3V lithium battery included: 5000 times automatically power off after 8 seconds
  • Ergonomic, soft casing design(ABS+PP), others are just PP, our golf rangefinder gives you a better experience
  • 6x magnification with HD fixed focal length ranging system, Bright, high resolution monocular
  • Water and fog proof
  • Slope switch Off design, eligible for Golf Tournament


The Mileseey PF210S usually retails at $175 but ASG readers can get a 10 percent discount by using the Code “ASG10” at the TRocket Golf checkout

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