The Best Golf Drivers 2020/2021; Easiest To Hit Golf Drivers

IT’S a brand new year and a not so young person’s mind often turns wistfully to thoughts of smashing a poor, unsuspecting golf ball way down the centre of a bright green golf fairway with their shiny new golf driver. Way Down!

As the year progresses most golfers are going to be reminded of the fact that those supposedly poor, unsuspecting golf balls are not always/often/never going to go exactly where their owners intend/would prefer.

Perhaps a shiny new golf driver with all the latest technology will be difference after all and you can stop relying on that tired old scratched thing taking up valuable space in your golf bag.

This new golf equipment video from Mark Crossfield and his offsider Coach Lockey may have exactly what you are looking for.

The pair test the best golf drivers for 2020 and 2021 from the forgiving MAX range of golf drivers from Callaway golf, Mizuno golf, Titleist golf, Cobra golf, Taylormade golf and Ping golf. The drivers are judged on their performance, looks, sound, feel and the all important price category. The MAX range of drivers offers more help when it comes to miss hits and off centre hits, more help getting the ball in the air; more help getting that ball going where you want it to.



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    You may recall that we communicated in 2019 about the World Senior Golf Federation Championships held annually in late August in the USA. Plans are in the works for this year’s event at the Silverado Golf Resort in California’s Napa Valley from August 28 – Sep.3, anticipating that the current Covid pandemic will be under control by then. You included a piece in your newsletter in 2019. Would it be possible to do that again for this year’s venue?
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