Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria: New golf book release

Take a never-before-seen peek at some of Victoria’s most intriguing country golf courses with the release of the coffee table golf book, Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria.

With words and photography by former Golf Victoria magazine editor Henry Peters and artwork by his brother, Hugh Peters, Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria focuses exclusively on Golf Clubs which use an honesty box for visitors to deposit money before they play.

 The book has dedicated chapters on 10 Western Victorian Golf Clubs, each with their own quirks and fascinating stories: Apollo Bay, Birregurra, Casterton, East Framlingham, Grampians, Halls Gap, Heywood, Peterborough, Timboon and Winchelsea.

Henry Peters golf
Henry Peters

“If you’re an avid golfer or simply someone with a connection to Western Victoria, I can confidently say this book will be of great interest and tell you some stories you’ve never heard before,” says author Henry Peters.

The inspiration for the book came about while Henry and Hugh were on a holiday and brainstorming ideas for a niche coffee table book.

“We spent a lot of time at Port Fairy growing up and I played Peterborough and Birregurra as a teenager so I’ve been well aware that there are some impressive honesty box courses which many city golfers are probably unaware of,” Henry says.

“Coffee table books on Australia’s premier courses have been done so many times before but you can’t say the same thing for honesty box courses.”

Hugh Peters
Hugh Peters

Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria is also a call to action encouraging city golfers to visit Regional Victoria and support honesty box courses and local economies.

Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria isn’t just about premium photography; it’s also an intimate look at the people who make these Golf Clubs tick, give thousands of hours of their time without any pay in return and know their local community inside out.” 

“The characters and their anecdotes and the fact that many of these courses have not been featured so thoroughly set this book apart from other coffee table golf books.”

For more information and orders visit Honesty Box Golf Courses of Western Victoria

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