On a mission: To replace all those rickety old steel golf course hire buggies

Old steel golf push buggy
Golf clubs are being offered a financially attractive way of getting rid of these

WE’VE all had occasion to use them; the rickety old steel two wheel hire buggies that are ubiquitous at so many golf courses.

You arrive at a course and because your own unit is out of action, you’re travelling, or any number of other reasons, you are forced to inquire about the hire buggies they have for use.

All too often they point at a row of old steel units and sheepishly inform you it will cost, maybe, the princely sum of $5 for the honour. Or even on occasion they might say, heck, you’ve just paid $XX for our top green fee and we’re too embarrassed to charge you for one of those buggies. (And if we don’t charge you , you can’t complain too much if one of the wheels falls off mid-round).

What a difference it makes when you go to a “well-heeled” golf club and they roll out a new model push buggy, or even an electric buggy… luxury!. It might cost you a few dollars more, but usually well worth the additional expense.

Well Rod Hill from TRocket Golf is on a mission to change all of the former, and  has come up with a plan that is very financially attractive to the clubs involved, with no big initial financial outlay.

Rod explains the plan this:

“Our plan sees the Club supplied with new Kingcaddy Push and Electric 3 wheel Buggies every 12 months. The Club is not asked for any capital investment, they simply pay a small monthly rental amount. TRocket Golf pays all delivery, maintenance, and insurance costs. And at the end of 12 months TRocket Golf picks up the rental buggies and replaces them with new ones at absolutely no cost to the Club at all.”

TRocket Classic 3 Wheel Push Buggy by Kingcaddie…. a bit of an upgrade for visitors and guests

Rod says by renting only 5 push buggies and hiring each buggy 2 to 3 times per week, clubs can expect to make a profit in the region of $4000 to $6000 per year.

Junee Golf Club in country NSW has been an early adopter of the scheme and is very happy with the prospects.

“We do not want to be like every other Club and offer hire buggies that have a piece of rubber hose wrapped around the handle, ” said the club’s Terry Trinca, who believes that the new rental hire buggies scheme can easily add significant revenue to a golf club for minimum outlay.

“The proposal presented to us by TRocket Golf was exciting. Never again will we be embarrassed to offer a hire buggy to a visitor to our Club.”

See more information at TRocket Golf

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