How Senior Golfers Can Hit the Driver Straight and Long – 3 effortless power moves you can learn

OLDER golfers might dream of emulating the driving power of a FedEx Cup winning Dustin Johnson but out on the course mere positive thoughts are usually not enough to convince the ageing body to cooperate.

So as a senior golfer how do you hit your driver further without breaking the body?

In this new golf instruction video top golf teacher Danny Maude enlists the aid of the guys at @@Meandmygolf to provide three effortless power moves that could help you hit your driver further without the need of the body of a Tour Championship winner.

They point out the importance of achieving freedom in the backswing with three adjustments to help promote a big turn, the importance of hitting the ball on the up, and how to release the clubhead to finish the swing with a “laser-butt”.


  1. I love the down to earth comments, and the idea of not trying to change my senior body.

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