Ken and Darryl’s golf book reviews: June 2020. Nick O’Hern’s Tour Mentality; Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Tom Morris & more

We continue with our series of golf book reviews from top Australian senior amateur golfers Ken Brewer and Darryl Hearsch.

Ken looks at three books focusing on the fascination beginnings of professional golf and some of the game’s biggest stars while Darryl suggest a look inside Nick O’Hern’s Tour Mentality could do wonders for your mental game



Ken Brewer


This month I have selected from my collection three books with a biographic tilt however focused on the start of professional golf and tour golf in the US.

Tommy’s Honour – Kevin Cook (2007)
Jack Grout – Dick Grout (2012)
American Triumvirate – James Dodson (2012)


Tommy’s Honour: The Extraordinary Story of Golf’s Founding Father and Son

Tommy’s Honour is more than the story of Tom Morris and his son Tommy. It is the story of how professional golf began, it is the story of how St. Andrew’s evolved into the course we know today, it is the story of how The Open started.

From my collection of golf books this is my favourite. If you have the opportunity to travel to Scotland (post COVID) read this book first. Go to Prestwick and have lunch in the Red Lion amongst the golfing memorabilia feeling (or drinking) the sprits of the men who started The Open, then play the course with all of it’s 19th century quirks. When you are at St. Andrews
this book will make you see both the course and town in a new light.
Available at Amazon and Kindle, in addition it has been made into a movie.



Jack Grout – A Legacy in Golf

Jack Grout – A Legacy in Golf walks you through the like of Jack Grout, written by his son Dick. As you will be aware Grout was the lifelong teacher of Nicklaus, however this is only part of his story.

Jack Grout played and travelled on tour with the likes of Hogan, Picard
and Demaret during the 1930’s and 40’s, which were the formative years
of what we call the PGA Tour. Life was very different, no private jets or
courtesy cars just cheap motels and long drives, understand the issues
faced by the pioneers. Also he worked with other pro’s including Floyd,
Wadkins and David Graham.

This is a book for people who love Golf, it is well written telling the tale
of a remarkable and modest man. Available at both Amazon and Kindle.



AMERICAN TRIUMVIRATE – Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and the Modern Age of Golf

American Triumvirate is written by the prolific golf writer James Dodson.

In 1912 three American players were born who would dominate golf until the mid 1950’s. They were Sam Snead, Bryon Nelson and Ben Hogan winners of a combined 21 majors.

The book dig’s into many parts of each player’s life including, tour life during the Great Depression, struggles Hogan had winning, Snead’sdisasters at the U.S. Open and Nelson’s winning streak.

Post Bobby Jones and the Depression golf was losing popularity as a game and spectator sport these three players were the start of it’s revival.

Worthy of your time, you will enjoy Dodson’s writing style and the triumph over adversity of each player.




Tour Mentality: Inside the Mind of a Tour Pro

Tour Mentality: Inside the mind of a tour pro is written by Nick O’Hern and is about the mental toughness a tour player must possess.

Gary Player describes Nick “as a grinder of sorts who isn’t the most talented physically but instead extracts every ounce of golfing ability to shoot the lowest score possible. He thinks his way around a golf course rather than overpowers it.”

This is what you will find in his book – a simple mental guide to the methods Nick used to become a world class player. Nick is one of the very few that can say he beat Tiger twice in match play events.

I found the stories in the book entertaining and many of his methods are simple and can be easily be used in your next game of golf. I think you will read this book many times over. The book is available from Amazon and Booktopia.



Darryl Hearsch is a top Australian senior amateur golfer and plays regularly on the national circuit. He is a long time member of Manly Golf Club and as well as contributing to the AUSOOM website also runs the AUSOOM Facebook Group.



Ken Brewer

Described as a “bookworm” by colleagues, Ken Brewer is a very knowlegeable golfer and a very regular winner of top senior amateur events.




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