Single-seater ride on golf buggies all the rage in Covid times

FourStar Golf Cruiser
The FourStar Golf Cruiser is popular with those wanting full independence on course

GOLFERS  used to sharing a multiple seated golf cart to get their golfing fix have been one of the groups disrupted by Covid 19 health and safety protocols but many are turning to an alternate solution.

It seems interest and sales of single-seater ride on golf buggies are booming, particularly with those desperate to get out in the fresh air and exercise but still needing a little help getting around the course.

Social distancing regulations currently in force in many areas have meant an end to the tradition of sharing a golf cart.

Under the circumstances the idea of being totally independent on course with a single seater is very appealing to many.

Electric Vehicles Oceania (EVO), a major importer and distributor based in western Sydney, is one of the Australian businesses reporting a boom in sales of electric single seaters.

EVO has two single seater buggies available in the class, the FourStar Golf Cruiser (pictured above) and the IM-4 Golf Buggy (pictured below).

EVO Managing Director John Lord said the company’s single-seat buggies had sold out twice because of social distancing and the less-frequent use of two-up in a large four-wheeled cart.

Lord said following a delivery there was now plenty of stock of the Fourstar Cruiser (3 wheels) and they were taking orders for early 2021 delivery for the IM4 (4 wheels).

ASG has written previous stories giving details of both the FourStar Golf Cruiser and IM-4 Golf Buggy.

iM4 Golf Buggy
The IM-4 Golf Buggy has sold out twice since Covid both attracted more golfers and changed some on course behaviours

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