Five of the best golf drills you can do at home: without breaking the chandeliers

Depending on your location, being allowed to practice and play on an actual golf course may be becoming a lot more accessible (knock on wood) to many, but having some handy golf drills that you can do at home at any time aimed at improving all areas of your game will always come in handy.

Here top UK PGA Professional Danny Maude has assembled a “five of the best” home golf drills video to help improve all areas of your game.

Maude, starts with some putting drills on the loungeroom carpet, a golf location I am personally very well acquainted with. Maude shows his long experience by wisely recommending sticking to the putter in the loungeroom. I have tried some full swing simulations indoors and have discovered to my surprise and dismay they can often result in some nasty dents and damage to the ceiling above you (depending on the length of club you are practicing with and the height of the ceiling). Thank god they had yet to deliver the new chandeliers!

Maude moves to the backyard for some chipping drills, a drill with a tennis ball to help improve your overall swing motion and ends with a “skating exercise” to help you ‘use the ground” to coordinate your full swing. I’d probably only do this last exercise if your have a high enough back fence so your neighbours can’t see what you are doing.

You never know what people will report you for these days.


  1. Hi Brian! Found your tips you added this month very appropriate and helpful. I am presently working on a newsletter/critiques to all my friends who were going to be joining me at the Yarrawonga Classic this year, and am happy to send you a copy should you be looking for some editorial. Just 13 months today that my friends will be teeing off for next year’s classic. I realise that is a little way off, but the way time goes by, it will be here before we know. Planning to send the newsletter late June/July. No golf for the past 6 weeks, and probably another further 2 weeks yet. Why did I move to Melbourne from Sydney!!
    Brian, keep up the good work. Kind regards, Pat

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