Santa’s favourite Christmas golf swing tip

WE realise it is kind of a busy time of year for Santa but in any case we thought we would reach out to the well-known off-season golfer for his favourite Christmas golf tip.

When we rang Santa HQ a rather harried assistant listened politely to our request … and then threatened to put us on the permanent naughty people’s list.

Nevertheless, courageously, and on behalf of all our readers who enjoy their regular golf tips – we persisted with our entreaty.

“Okay, okay,” the harried assistant said. “I’ll go and put your request before the big man … but I can’t guarantee the outcome.”

We waited patiently for about fifteen minutes, during which we were entertained by a song on a loop which was something about a reindeer with a shiny nose.

Eventually “the big man” came to the phone. Unexpectedly, Santa sounded very relaxed, calm and assured.

“I understand you want my favourite Christmas golf swing tip,” Santa said. “Do you know had often people ring me, just a few days before my busiest day of the year, and ask for a golf swing tip?”

“Never???” we nervously ventured.

“Exactly!” Santa exclaimed.

Struggling through the tears, we put our case that all the mostly well-behaved golfers around the world had been through a lot in 2019 and that some of his renowned golf instruction advice might lighten their Christmas and New Year holiday period.

“All right, all right,” Santa responded.

“This is my all-time greatest golfing advice,” he said.

“Tell all the golfers around the world … to go to a golf course somewhere – and just really, really enjoy themselves!”

“Thanks Santa,” we said. “That’s the best.”

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