3 Simple drills that will magically transform your golf swing: Possibly!

WOULDN’T it be great if there really was three simple drills that could transform your golf swing.

That’s the headline on this new golf swing instruction video from the team at Me and My Golf, English PGA pro’s Andy Proudman and Piers Ward.

They are joined on the segment of their regular Impact series by six time European Tour winner and now performance coach Simon Dyson.

Dyson is very confident the three drills he demonstrates in this 12 minute plus video can help “any golfer on the planet” no matter their current skill level.

He reckons they helped him go from hopeful amateur to professional to multi tour winner.

The good thing about these drill is that they are not gimmicky, the first two are mostly all about getting better balance and rotation in the swing and the final one – which Dyson says really did transform his game – helps with overall swing positioning.

All three drills can also add a bit “fun” to your practice on the range – all about improving your overall feel for the swing – and not just mindlessly hitting ball after ball and hoping for a magical improvement.

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