Concourse Golf globally recognised for “reinventing the wheel” with their “Smart Wheels”

Australian company Concourse Golf is certainly celebrating this week with news their highly innovative “Smart Wheels” golf buggy concept has won a prestigious, globally recognised iF Design Award.

The iF Awards are one of the most significant design awards in the world, with only two Australian products being recognised in 2018.

With an estimated 6400 entries worldwide this year, the win is a huge accolade for the locally owned business and recognises the advanced ingenuity applied in development of the Smart Wheels.

The iF Design Award follows on from Concourse Golf winning an Australian Good Design Award in 2018 for the Smart Wheels and also recently being featured in Australia by Design on Network 10.

The unique Smart Wheels product are the world’s first completely self-contained electric wheel set for push buggies – so the motor, battery, and remote control operating system are contained in each individual wheel.

Concourse Golf has pioneered this game changing experience for golfers, cleverly replacing the existing wheels on a push buggy to transform it into an advanced, remote control operated electric powered buggy in seconds.

“We have always pushed design and engineering boundaries to deliver a better experience for the walking golfer. Our technology led design is incredibly advanced, compact and convenient. Adding two completely independent electric-powered wheels to an existing push buggy, intuitively operated by remote control is game changing.” said David MacKay from Concourse Golf.

“Existing motorised golf buggies have too many limitations and inconveniences tied into them. Rather than make small improvements, we began our journey from the ground up to achieve a solution which lets golfers focus on the enjoyment of playing game.”

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, Concourse Smart Wheels are more than a break-through development in the golf category. The Smart Wheels concept effectively ‘reinvents the wheel’ with enormous potential for applications in healthcare, transportation, logistics, and other mobility solutions.

For 65 years, designers and manufacturers have strived to win the internationally recognized iF label for design excellence. The 2019 winners will be celebrated at the iF DESIGN AWARD night at the BMW Welt in Munich on 15 March, 2019.

Concourse is continuing to develop a full range of Smart Wheels, golf buggies, golf bags and associated products.

ASG previously published a review of their initial and equally innovative golf buggy, the Concourse CBM3 – the product that started the whole ball rolling.  [See: Concourse CBM3 Golf Buggy: Compact, Clever, Quick: Review]

More details at Concourse Golf website

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