Larry Canning: What the “Korda”?

By Larry Canning.

The term “Korda” seems like an innocuous collection of vowels and consonants don’t you think? Yet those five letters make up the most feared name currently in Australian Sports.

The Korda’s own us!

It’s history now that between father Peter, sisters Jessica and Nelly and brother Sebastian, the Korda family have four different Australian Open Cups sitting on the one mantelpiece at home….Jeeze, mum must have the shits! But along the way I think I might have lost track of just how impressive Nelly was last week at The Grange in Adelaide.

Nelly Korda “finally” got her hands on the Australian Open trophy. Photo: Golf Australia

It occurred to me right after a particular comment on Macquarie Sports Radio – I think it went something like this:

“Whilst Wei-Ling Hsu is a very solid player and Madeline Sagstrom has shown huge potential, they haven’t been in this position before (Co -leaders after 2 rounds in an LPGA Event)”.

“I would expect more experienced players and proven winners like Haru Namura, Jin Young Ko and Nelly Korda to be the ones to apply the most pressure”.

It wasn’t until I got off air that I remembered Nelly is only 20 years old. It seems like she has been a permanent fixture on the front page of leaderboards for what seems like years and dare I say “Finally” got over the line late last year on the US LPGA Tour.

Finally??, She’s only been on the LPGA Tour for 20 minutes! It’s because her surname has been such a prominent name on leaderboards all over the world that I lost rack of how little time its taken for little siss to achieve so much.

I know the Kordas’ are a family of super stars and Jessica has been one of the leading players on the big stage in America for a while but I suspect Nelly could well be designing her very own Mantel Piece in Home Korda to cope with her imminent influx of more Cups! She is a flat out flusher!

Big sister Jessica Korda won the Women’s Australian Open at Royal Melbourne in 2012. Photo: Brian O’Hare



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