Best new golf balls 2019

A new golfing season means of course there are lots of new golf ball versions being released to golfers across the world struggling for a little improvement in their games.

Whether a new golf ball is actually going to do that for you is another matter, but this video from the US PGA will at least give you a good idea of some of the main contenders – and there does seem to be some real innovations from the big manufacturers this year.

Titleist, for instance, is pushing a softer alternate to the traditional ProV1 in the form of their new AVX. The AVX has, among other things, a new dimple pattern and the claim is you’re getting tour performance and more distance from a softer ball with less spin. 

TaylorMade has the new five piece TP5 series they say are suitable for all skill levels while Callaway has the Supersoft Magna – actually a larger size (but still rules compliant ball) that is “easier and more fun to play with” and is especially suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds (that sounds a lot like us older golfers). And if its actually larger – it might be easier to find if you ever happen to hit one into the rough.

The video also covers the new Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV (which thanks to Srixon we will be personally trying shortly), new Wilson Staff offering, and a new Bridgestone ball the sales of which benefit the  Tiger Woods Foundation – if you’re feeling generous.


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