Loudmouth Golf debuts 13 new patterns for 2018 – perfect for an Aussie spring?

WITH spring just around the corner in most parts of Australia it might be an opportune time to spruce up the golfing wardrobe just a little.

Perhaps you might even be bold enough to consider the latest collection from Loudmouth Golf, currently worn with such aplomb by ambassador John Daly.

Loudmouth has just released 13 new designs in what is actually their “fall collection” in the US, but most probably wouldn’t be left behind in a vibrant Australian spring/summer season.

The new collection, which is available in men’s pants and shorts and women’s skorts, and mini shorts, as well as other alternatives. includes:

“Savage Flamingos”– We took two of our popular designs, Tarzanand Pink Flamingos, and made a winning combination. It’s so wicked, it’s savage!

“Lost Ball”– The beauty of golf is the grass, so walking on the golf course with grass pants is like being one with the course. Lost Ballis so lifelike, you may disappear on the fairway.

“Tee Many Martoonies”– A stylish, retro martini glass drawing with tees through the olives. Tee Many Martoonies is an old saying, but this cocktail design is new, fun and entertaining. You can never have tee many! Cheers! 

“Serpentine”– One of our trippiest designs to date. Wearing these may even help you balance your golf swing (hint: look closely). But don’t stare too long or you may end up in a different century.

“Tee Many Martoonies”

“Summer of Love”– Where were you in the summer of 1967? This updated hippie design is reminiscent of the most memorable summer in the history of San Francisco. 

“Makaha”– This vintage Hawaiian hibiscus pattern is one of Woody’s favorites! It screams ‘leisure’! Fun fact: Makaha is said to be the birthplace of big wave surfing!  

“Splatterific”(Coming September 2018) – Wear these pants and you’ll look like you just lost a paintball match. Contrary to that fact, it’s a winning design!  

“Power Grid”(Coming September 2018) – Loudmouth headquarters is in the heart of Silicon Valley, so it was only a matter of time before we came out with a tech pattern. Best described as a microchip magnified 5000x. Naturally in Golden State colors.  

“Mojito”(Coming September 2018) – Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody, is mad for plaid! Plaid is the most traditional pattern in golf, but in true Loudmouth fashion, ours aren’t just red and black. This design features bright, sunshiny colors that is cut on the bias which make this pattern fun and loud. 

“Mona”(Coming October 2018) – These pants are so beautiful and original, they’re a work of art.  


“Scratch”(Coming October 2018) – Plaid, patchwork and abstract all in the same design. Even if your index is a 23, you’ll be a scratch golfer wearing these. 

“Ground Under Repair”(Coming October 2018) – This abstract design looks like part of the fairway when it’s under repair. It’s the golf course in a blender – water, green and sand.  

“Blue Chip”(Coming November 2018) – For the symmetry lovers! This pattern and color combination is completely new to Loudmouth. Wearing these will make you so sharp, your fashion AND golf stock will rise!

“Geometric patterns were some of my very first Loudmouth designs and are still my favorite to create and wear,” says Loudmouth Golf Founder & Designer, Woody. “We know there are customers who love wildly-colored old-school patterns, so this collection includes some of that, while offering flamingos, cocktails and flowers; A little something for everybody.”

The Fall 2018 Collection will be printed on StretchTech Poly fabric, the new staple for all Loudmouth apparel. This performance fabric is wrinkle free, shrink free, and color-fade resistant, ensuring the item color stays vibrant and always looks great. The collection will be available in stock in men’s pants, shorts, women’s skorts, and mini shorts. Additional silhouettes like sports coats, vests and women’s pants are available for order through Loudmouth’s Made-to-Order shop. 

For more information visit: http://au.loudmouthgolf.com/


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