2011 Presidents Cup Official Film

Get up close to the Presidents Cup action

NOT just as a golf writer but as a golf fan it was verging on pure bliss to able to be so close to the public and behind the scenes action at the recent 2011 Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne.

It is just three weeks back now that Fred Couples and his US Team snatched the title from the valiant Greg Normanites and we’re struggling with the concept of not spending our days surrounded by some of the greats of the golfing world.

ASG was part of the whole Media Centre scene and we followed the Cup from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony where life was so grand we didn’t even seem to mind that much repeatedly hearing from the Victorian Premier that Melbourne was the centre of the sporting universe.

For those few days, for golf fans at least, it probably was.

It was a particular privilege if, like us, you had some of the priceless inside the ropes passes and could get up close and personal with all the action, the captains, the assistants, the players, the wives and girlfriends, the interviews, the crowds and all the drama and pathos that makes up this amazing international event.

The US PGA Tour and their partners involved in staging the cup put on perhaps a flawless tournament where even the extremes of the changeable Melbourne weather only added to the drama and the experience of the participants and spectators.

Now comes the opportunity to relive at least some of the intensity and passion of that historic week in Australian golf with news the Official Film of the 2011 Presidents Cup is available for pre-order.

Produced by PGA TOUR Entertainment, it is being promoted as giving golf fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes ticket to this world class event with behind-the-scenes footage, event highlights, interviews with the captains and players, and more.

The official blurb says: “The Presidents Cup Official Film will take fans inside the ropes for an exclusive look at of all the pageantry and competition that makes The Presidents Cup one of the premier team events in any sport.  From the Teams’ arrivals to the black-tie Gala Celebration featuring entertainment by Delta Goodrem and performances representing each country participating in the event; from the captains’ press conferences to the pairings’ process; from the Opening Ceremony to the final celebration, fans will experience first hand why The Presidents Cup has set the standard for sportsmanship and stellar competition.”

The 2011 Presidents Cup Official Film can be pre-ordered now for $14.95 by visiting the PGA Tour Shop by clicking here.

It will be shipped mid-February 2012 so don’t order it as a Christmas gift unless your intended recipient will be happy with an IOU on Christmas morning.

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