What to do if a volcano erupts in your backswing

Photo: Mario Tama

IT’S always good to see golfers taking the initiative and these guys on Hawaii’s Big Island should certainly get full marks for thinking outside the square.

Whilst everyone else was either standing around gawking at the nearby erupting Kilauea volcano – or being evacuated – they were enticed by the thought of the empty fairways of the aptly named Volcano Golf and Country Club.

Apparently far from being a staged set-up, photographer Mario Tama was at the course taking photos of the eruption when the golfers called out to him – he was standing in the way of their tee shots.

“ … as I was shooting, I heard these guys call out to me that I was in the way of their game and could I step aside,” Tama recounted. “They were very gracious about it. Obviously, it didn’t occur to me that I was impeding on someone’s game. So I walked over to the left and got some shots of them as they were teeing off.”

So the advice on what to do if a volcano erupts in your backswing is pretty simple really: just ignore it.

The Rules of Golf measures around “outside agencies” should cover any situations where eruption material interferes with your ball position.

Mario Tama

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