Effortless Power Golf Lesson: Less tension, more speed and “hit it a whole lot further”

More distance with effortless power and less tension in the golf swing? That’s what we’re all after.

In this video golf lesson Aussie PGA Pro Derek Hooper – currently Director of Instruction at the Royal Oaks Golf Academy in Houston, Texas – details how most amateur golfers get it all wrong in their eternal quest for more distance, tightening up and trying to smash the cover off the ball.

 “Just about every player I meet wants to hit the ball longer and they all think they do it by gripping the club tighter and swinging the arms faster,” Hooper says. “It’s just about the exact opposite of that.”

“If we want more distance we need more speed, not more effort.”

Hooper says he has a great drill to help players get the hang of it.


  1. is this the same Derek hooper who was pro at the Ipswich golf club years ago well in the 90’s? he was thought very highly of then too.

  2. Yep. Hooper grew up in Australia and completed his PGA training after graduating with a degree in Sports Science and Teaching from the University of Queensland. He went on to play golf competitively on Australian mini Tours for a few years before returning to his true passion of coaching.


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