Hop into “the coolest golf cart ever”

Is your golf cart looking a little tired and pedestrian? Need a bit of an image boost on the local links? Then try this “Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style” baby from Garia Golf Cars.

It’s billed as the ultimate golf cart and as we speak is receiving its world premiere at the 88th International Geneva Motor Show 2018.

And if you think it looks good in the photos, how does it sound in this superlative marketing jargon of a paragraph?:

“It is the materialized Icon of a lifestyle that relies on premium design and high-end quality. It bridges the values of classic golf sport with the needs of the mobility of the future: connected, aesthetic, supreme and electric.”

No seriously, this bit of electric golfing art is now available for sale in limited edition. Want to know the price? (Just hold your horses for a moment).

It has all this (some of which we understand):

Digital central element: bridges classic golf sport with the future of mobility

  • On-board touchpad with 10.1”, HD resolution
  • Featuring an electronic score card, a web browser, and Bluetooth® connection

Dream drive on the golf course and in country clubs

  • Carbon fibre body panels and leather seats made by Mansory in Germany
  • Acceleration up to 43 mph (in the US restricted to 25 mph due to federal law)
  • Strongest battery ever implemented in a serial golf car
  • Street legal in EU and the U.S. (Maybe can outrun the cops in Australia)

But wait, there’s more …

Garia Golf Cars launched the prototype in 2016 and captured worldwide attention: “The Golf Car is a golf cart to end all golf carts.” (The Telegraph), “The coolest golf car of all time” (Wired).

After two years of further development the Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style returns and is now even much betterer.

Available now in limited edition, Garia says it looks sportier and more car-like than common golf carts.

“The headlights give a distinct and aggressive look while the grille with its golf ball structure makes the vehicle’s purpose clear,” Garia reckons.

“Purely Digital. The vehicle is Bluetooth® enabled with integrated hi-fi speakers. The digital central element is an onboard touchpad. This allows touch control of functions like drive mode selection, refrigerator and wipers. Occupants can also view an electronic score card or surf the internet via smartphone connection.

“The golf car integrates the best of three worlds: classic golf sport, pure luxury, and leading technology. Golf mobility on the next level.”

And the price?

Look if you have to know the price you’re not serious. Just jump on a plane and get over to the Geneva Motor Show sometime in the next few days and ask the people on the stand. Or visit http://www.garia.com

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