Love those lady golf swings: 2018 Women’s NSW Open Photo Gallery

ITS probably a bit of a cliché these days but the oft quoted advice for amateur golfers is that if they want to copy pro’s swings they’re much better off studying the women rather than the men’s actions.

That’s pretty obvious if you happen to be female, but male amateurs, particularly as they age, will get a lot less benefit trying to emulate a powerful young gorilla smashing it over 300 metres, than they will watching the silky smooth “effortless power” seen on the women’s tours.

Watching the swings on show at the 2018 Women’s NSW Open at Coffs Harbour Golf Club for a few days over the past week was a case in point, reaffirming the golf swing is all about timing, rhythm and tempo, not brute force.

We particularly liked the compact, effortless looking swing of Canadian golfer Lori Kane. When we first observed Lori’s swing it was just from an anonymous golfer off in the distance.

We now know Lori has been plying that swing since 1996 on the LPGA, where she has four wins.

We bumped into Lori after her second round on Friday and presumptuously said how much we admired her swing.

“Johnny Miller described it as ‘old fashioned’,” she replied happily.

Mr Miller has never had the opportunity to say anything about our swing, but if that’s old fashioned, we want one.

There’s no swing videos in this photo gallery of the Coffs tournament, which due to being a co-sanctioned Ladies European Tour event, attracted some 144 women from across the globe – from the Cook Islands to Iceland, and beyond, – but you might get some ideas from the stills.

The big advice here is that if there is a pro tournament in your regional area sometime, make every effort to get along and spectate.

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