New Vertical Groove Driver to get the “Wild Thing” treatment in 2017

THERE’S a starkly innovative new golf driver with vertical grooves on the market that certainly looks interesting and will be even more so in 2017 with John Daly taking into competition golf.

Makers claim the vertical rather than horizontal grooves on the driver mean a marked improvement in straighter and longer hitting and that the design has other advantages.

The renowned big hitting Daly has signed up for a multi year deal promoting the club and says after a month of testing his drives are not only coming out straighter but longer.

We liked the Vertical Groove Golf company’s tongue in cheek promotional video explaining development of the club below. If you want something more serious there is Daly’s personal endorsement video from twitter, also below.

Vertical Groove’s head of research and development Mike Rossi says the thinking behind the product is that having vertical grooves will lead to straighter tee shots and “create a consistent transfer of energy.”

“We’re on our fourth generation to get the right center of gravity position, bulge and roll, clubhead size and shape. All those things are combining to get the results we’re seeing in our testing. From what we see, the grooves really are the tiebreaker in making the club work.”



“Welcome to the new revolution of drivers, my friends. It’s vertical,” Daly says. “Hit it further, hit it straighter. John Daly. I guarantee it. I ain’t lying to you. I never do. Take care.”

Quote from the Vertical Groove Golf website


Tested against the #1 selling drivers today, all of which use horizontal grooves, The Groove outperformed in length and accuracy on carry.  In independent testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc., length increased by almost 10 yards with accuracy improvements of 40% on average.   Our amateur testing is showing even greater improvements for mid- to high- handicap players.”


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