A Guide to Golf’s Most Unusual Rules

HOW well do you know the Rules of Golf? Back in 1744 it wasn’t so hard to master them, after all there were only 13 rules and the official “rulesbook” only comprised half a page.
The rules booklet is now more encyclopedic and even if you think you know it all quite well there always seems to be circumstances where you need to look them.
Even the pro’s can get it wrong but they handily usually have a rules official nearby.
We were offered the following very interesting infographic with a potted history of the rules but also some unusual situations and what the correct procedures are. 
For instance, what do you do if you ball lands in the middle of an orange? (Apart from offering some boisterous unsolicited commentary).
There are also some famous incidents where the pros have got it wrong.
Of course there have been more calls of late to further simplify the rules (the Dustin Johnson moving ball situation earlier this year had many shaking their heads). 
The “simplification” process does happen …. just at a glacial pace.
Unusual golf rules: Did your golf ball land next to a snake? Here’s a guide to what the rulebook says about some of the game’s most interesting situations.
Produced by Fairmont

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