Find those lost golf balls

Nick Flado with the Ballfider SCOUTDO YOU  lose at least one Titleist Pro-V golf ball a week? Every week of the year? You must say bugger a lot.

If you do, then maybe you will be interested in revolutionary new technology that will help you find many of those wayward balls. But not the ones lost at the bottom of creeks or dams. You just need plain old scuba gear for that.

For the same cost of that year’s worth of lost Titleist balls, $249 to be exact, you can get the brand new Ballfinder SCOUTTM.

Of course, it is not just the cost of losing balls or the annoyance of wasting time searching for them in the rough that is the problem, it is losing all the penalty strokes when they can’t be found.

The Ballfinder SCOUTTM is the work of the Sarnof Corporation, apparently “one of the world’s most respected technology facilities, famous for their work in optics and “finding things”, (they also invented Color TV, Satellite TV, HDTV, and digital TV.)[and they have] have put their talents to work to help find a golf ball..”

According to Cliff Nunn from Golf Clubs Down Under: “There are no trick balls. No embedded micro-chips, No gimmicks or illegal devices.  The new Ballfinder SCOUTTM finds ordinary white golf balls by employing a unique combination of technologies from digital video cameras and colour recognition systems.  The easy to use hand held device equipped with a high end LCD screen and colourful LEDs, vibrates and leads you to the ball’s location.

“Fully endorsed by Nick Faldo, the Ballfinder SCOUTTM is no bigger than a mobile phone and can search up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds using a video-like camera.  Each of over three million pixels is scanned in nanoseconds and analysed pixel by pixel using proprietary GLS (Golf ball Locating System) technology to look for the unique colour signature found on any standard white golf ball.”

If you us one of those new fluoro pink golf balls, and you’re not a lady golfer, you may be out of luck. And acting questionably. 

Cliff says the Ballfinder SCOUTTM is a bargain at $249.00 and includes the Nick Faldo’s Recovery Shot instructional DVD; two free Celebrity Instructional Video programs, batteries, carry pouch, belt clip, instruction video, 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.  It’s available on-line now through Golf Clubs Down Under (

“We can’t promise that Ballfinder SCOUTTM will find every ball. It won’t help if a ball is in water or if it is totally covered. But if as little as 1% – or about three dimples of the ball is visible, Ballfinder SCOUTTM will find it even though the naked eye can’t,” Cliff says.

Some of those golf balls, especially the expensive shiny new ones, can be very good at hiding.

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