Best golf balls of 2016

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FINDING the best golf ball for your game can sometimes be a chore, but it can also be fun exploring all the options available.

In 2016 all the major golf ball manufacturers have new models available with various selling points and new features.

This video from the PGA of America is an excellent overview of the new lines available and their main features and gives an explanation of what the inner workings of golf balls are all about.

The main ball makers are covered including Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, Srixon and Nike.

We’ve always been a bit of a Titleist aficionado I suppose but just wanted to comment about how often we seem to hear fellow golfers lately saying “those Callaway Chrome Soft are good balls”. Just saying.

Be aware when listening to this video that when the voiceover refers to pricing they are talking US dollars and costings.





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