Your 5 minute golf warm-up

By Ramsay McMaster Golf Physiotherapist

Sequencing Your Golf Warm Up to build up the correct `feel’ in your golf swing



1. The golf exercise drills will gradually build up the correct “feel” for golf performed in the correct sequence.

2. Maintain good breathing and tempo control throughout each golf exercise drill.

3. Maintain good upright posture throughout each exercise drill.

4. Use pistol grip on both hands with each exercise drill.

5. Repeat each exercise for between15-30 seconds 2-3 times depending on time and ability to maintain form.

• Stop if you experience sharp pain, dizziness or have an acute condition. Always consult your health professional.

### Ramsay explains all the moves in the new video attached below ### 


Using the Flexibility & Mobility Warm-up Drill

Combined Hip Trunk & Shoulder Stretch 

Get into the lunge position, feel stretch at right hip. Maintain an upright posture and tuck in your lower abdomen. Hold golf club above head with pistol grip. Bend trunk to left side, keeping head aligned on shoulders 

Exercise 1












Using the Balance & Static Posture Warm-up drill

Standing upright in the `angel wings position’ against the wall, place a golf ball between the balls of your feet. Keep your nose and belly button in line with the ball. Tuck in your chin and look at the bottom of your lower eyelids. Keeping your arms by your side and forming a pistol grip in both hands, slowly lift the ball

up with your feet. Feel yourself getting taller as you pump up.

Exercise 2















Using the Core Stability Golf Drill


Slowly extend your arms and thrust the body in a slow pushing movement against an imaginary truck. Feel your shoulders, neck, abdominals, gluteals and legs all work together as if you are simulating an hydraulic pump.

Exercise 3














Using Core Stability & Rotation

X-Factor Check

Keep yourself in an upright and stable posture. Place your elbows in by the side of our ribcage. Slowly rotate your trunk to the right maintaining your hips in a stable position to the front. Keep your elbows into your ribcage, feel the tension between your inside thigh and lower abdominals.

Exercise 4














Using Core Stability, Rotation & Dynamic Posture

The Cross Over Golf Exercise Drill

Stand in an upright position and maintaining good spinal posture at all times, cross your right elbow to the top of your left knee. Then cross your left elbow on to your right knee. The movements should be smooth and the speed of the exercise gradually increased.

Exercise 5













Ramsay McMasterRamsay McMaster is an industry leading golf specific physiotherapist who has worked with thousands of average golfers, with leading tour pros and coaches, with major golf organisations in Australia and around the world and is the founder of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic.

For further information, individual assessment or advice on programs email Ramsay at or visit



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  2. By the time I complete this warm-up, the rest of our group would have completed 9 holes!

  3. David,

    Ramsay reckons it just takes 5 minutes. Maybe it would just take a little while to get used to.
    You could always arrive 5 (or ten) minutes earlier at the course.

  4. I have done Ramsey’s 5 minute warm up since I met him when I worked in The First Tee. After this warm up I can step up and hit a driver on the practice tee like I played 9 holes already. At 41 years of age that is a huge statement. My muscles and joints are ready to play, I don’t have the 4 hole warm up anymore. Anything that helps me make more good swings early in the round gets me in a better frame of mind to play this wonderful game.

  5. This is a great inovation, thanks to ASG for the tip. For David it’s a good idea to get there a little earlier, I’d love to play 18 holes with your group if they get through 9 holes in the time it takes to do this simple warm up. Your golf club must be deserted.

  6. I think I’m with you there Reg. Ramsay was a pretty cluey guy who advised a lot of touring pros. Doing a 5 minute warm up should only take about … 5 minutes.
    Better than no warm up and then spraining something … and hobbling around the course for four plus hours


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