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How To Hit a Wood or Hybrid off a Long Par 3 and Get It to Stop on the Green: Golf University

HYBRID golf clubs are all the go these days and can certainly help older golfers. Here’s a pretty simple tip on getting them to launch higher off the tee so they land softer on long par 3’s. It’s from the Golf University team and features Grant Field, Queensland PGA Teacher of the Year and coach […]


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How to Structure Your Golf Practice With Craig Parry: Video

WITH Peter Senior now retired from the international golf scene Craig Parry is our lone representative on the US Champions Tour. Here’s a great video of Parry talking about golf practice.


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How to improve your putting and get rid of the dreaded three putts

WITH the world’s best golfers about to take on the punishing Oakmont Country Club greens for the 2016 US Open it’s a good time to talk about putting – and getting rid of the dreaded three and even four putts.


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Gain More Consistency, Control and Confidence with Your Chipping, Putting and Bunker Game at a Short Game Mastery Workshop/Tournament near you

EVERYONE knows the importance of a confident short game and a new Australian operated venture called Golf University has come up with a compelling opportunity for average golfers.


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