Shy, Affable Ashley Hall … Now has to overcome the Canning Curse

Ashley Hall held the clubhouse lead along with Andrew Dodt at 10-under in the second round of the Australian PGA Championship at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast. Photo: PGA of Australia

Ashley Hall held the clubhouse lead along with Andrew Dodt at 10-under late in the second round of the Australian PGA Championship at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast when our esteemed contributor Larry Canning posted this item. Dodt subsequenlty took the outrtight lead at 11-under. Photo: PGA of Australia

Larry just blogged himself…

larry-canning-200I KNOW it’s only round two and at the risk of putting the Canning Curse on him… wouldn’t it be a great yarn if Ash Hall was to win the Australian PGA!!

This is the shy, affable bloke who rose from a consistent player, who has won 3 times on the Aussie Domestic tour over the past 10 years and battled away on the circuit, to almost superstardom in the space of one week in November of 2016. 

No doubt, there will be a bunch of his mates showering their friend with Champagne or whatever it is they spray the winners these days (maybe sparkling beetroot juice with a twist of Kale), if he was to hole the winning putt.

After losing Aussie golf’s most prized possession- the Stonehaven Cup in a play-off, Ash has also been adopted as our national “People’s Hero” who, when interviewed, is really just like… dare I say… one of us!

During his post Aussie Open interview he had this to say – .

“I haven’t been playing well lately, so it sits pretty good. I was pretty close to getting a job next year, in a couple of weeks’ time.” 

Q.-  “What were you looking at doing?”

ASHLEY HALL:  “I’ve no idea, hopefully something that I could find a friend or something that I could work for that would let me play golf, just keep playing golf.  I’ve got a couple of young kids now and I have to keep money flowing in.  It hasn’t been going too well.”

Q.-“How much does this help?”, (Pocketing a “gooses neck” for $106,000)

ASHLEY HALL:  “I’m going to keep playing golf now.”

A win at the Australian PGA would re-launch his career by jetting him off to the lucrative European Tour, which has recently received a massive injection of Euro’s, Pounds, or whatever they call money over there, for the coming season. And for us Blue collar, Aussie Golfing Tragic’s, it would be a huge victory for us as well!!

Go, Big Fella!!!


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Larry Canning

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